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Mission statement:
Project Safe Audience provides peer-based harm reduction services and training to members of our community who want to engage in safer sexual health and substance use practices and behaviours.

Our Values: C.A.A.R.E
1) Community: we are a peer-based, volunteer run initiative composed of compassionate individuals who want to give back to our community and instigate positive change.

2) Advocacy: we seek to reduce stigma surrounding substance use, mental health, and sexual health in order to create a safer environment for everyone, regardless of whether they choose to use substances or not.

3) Accessibility: we seek to remove barriers by providing free resources and information to our peers at rave and festival events.

4) Respect: we strive to create and maintain a safe space for all members of our community and value respectful dialogue and open communication.

5) Empowerment: we provide non-judgemental knowledge and resources to empower community members in making safer and informed decisions. 


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Contact Information

Phone: 431-451-9493